Resources for Educators

These materials are intended to support schools working with the Greenhouse Britain exhibition. The exhibition is suitable for upper Primary, Secondary and Further/Higher Education. The resources on this page are specifically for Primary and Secondary schools. Further/Higher students will find a range of resources on the other pages of this site, as well as links to other sites.


Before visiting the exhibition

For all educators Greenhouse Britain: Introductory Notes

During a visit to the exhibition

For all educators Greenhouse Britain: Notes to support question and answer sessions during gallery visits


Worksheets for Primary Schools (Environmental Studies, Citizenship, Drama and Debate, Functional and Imaginative Writing, )

You can download the complete package of 11 worksheets

Or below you can access them individually

Cub Reporter interviews locals about whether to invest in a youth centre or flood defences (functional writing) Points of View

Imagining different opinions on the issue of youth centre or flood defences (imaginative writing) Tunnel Vision

Debating the choice between youth centre and flood defences (debate) A Public Meeting

Imagining the impact of flooding (imaginative writing) After the Deluge

Ideas for drama work on flooding and the consequences of people being relocated (drama) Roleplay

What you can do around your home to reduce your contribution to climate change (environmental studies/citizenship) Making a Difference

Discussion on wider impacts (housing, transport, food, energy, etc.) and what we should do (environmental studies/citizenship) The Bigger Picture

What alternative sources of energy are we developing and how can we use them (environmental studies) Get Switched On

Exploring and understanding severe weather (environmental studies) Severe Weather Warning

Understanding climate change in terms of changing weather patterns (functional writing) Every Picture Tells A Story

Imagining the impacts on biodiversity (imaginative writing) Danger to Wildlife

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