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Press Releases

Greenhouse Britain Tour Dates Announced 24 10 2007


Greenhouse Britain pamphlet

Wise Words: The Harrisons on ‘Greenhouse Britain’ in WEM - Water & Environment Magazine Feb 2008

Web site of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management here.
What if life imitated art? Article in Ecologist Magazine, Dec/Jan 2007/08

How Big Is Here? Sculpture Magazine December 2007

Seventh Lagoon: The Ring of Water - Structure and Dynamics

Review of recent show at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Mapping A Better World - Eleanor Heartney

Publicity Material

Greenhouse Britain maps (all RGB, 300dpi, jpegs. All images credited to Helen Mayer & Newton Harrison, 2007.

Greenhouse Britain 5m map

Greenhouse Britain 10m map

Greenhouse Britain 15m map

Image: Greenhouse Britain Circle Map (Hi-Res JPG) Caption: Greenhouse Britain: Losing Ground, Gaining Wisdom, Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, 2007.

Image: Harrisons with Maps Bristol (Hi-Res JPG) Caption: Discussing sea level rise, Arnolfini, Bristol - (left to right) Tom Trevor, Newton Harrison, Martin Clark, Helen Mayer Harrison and Chris Fremantle. Photo by David Haley

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