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Greenhouse Britain: Losing ground, gaining wisdom
Estimates of the predicted rise in sea levels this century due to the effect of climate change on the earth’s ice caps range from one to five meters. In Britain, a rise of five meters would displace over 2 million people and flood 10,000 square kilometres of land.
Greenhouse […]

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New publication from Harrison Studio - Greenhouse Britain: Losing Ground, Gaining Wisdom


Climate change is the biggest challenge faced by the human race.
Artists Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison have been addressing this challenge through their work for over 35 years. Now, supported by DEFRA, they are creating a new work, GREENHOUSE BRITAIN: Losing Ground, Gaining Wisdom.
This new publication sets out project and the concepts behind the […]

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Harrison Studio awarded Bright Sparks


November 2007, received Bright Sparks award for ‘The 30-Year NOW: A Future For The Lee Valley’.

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