New publication from Harrison Studio - Greenhouse Britain: Losing Ground, Gaining Wisdom


Climate change is the biggest challenge faced by the human race.

Artists Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison have been addressing this challenge through their work for over 35 years. Now, supported by DEFRA, they are creating a new work, GREENHOUSE BRITAIN: Losing Ground, Gaining Wisdom.

This new publication sets out project and the concepts behind the work.

The Harrisons argue that “the Greenhouse phenomenon is so urgent, so compelling in the near term, so potentially catastrophic in the long term, and so obviously destabilizing to the environment, that we strongly believe the Greenhouse discourse is vital and will benefit from the voice of culture, particularly the disciplines of visual, conceptual and ecological arts.”

Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison believe that the present cultural landscape is largely formed by the dominant cultures of a place. They believe that places are the result of stories we tell each other. Stories also compete with each other. In this work the Harrisons set out to create a new story of a place, the island of Britain, as a response to global warming and the rising of the seas.

Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison are pre-eminent ecological artists. Professors Emeritus of the University of California at San Diego, the Harrisons have exhibited all over the world. The Harrisons’ last UK work, ‘Casting A Green Net: Can It Be We Are Seeing A Dragon?’ for ArtTranspennine98, still stands as an iconic vision for sustainable development across Northern England.

The publication is available to purchase from the Harrison Studio & Associates (Britain) for £10/$20/€20 (plus p&p), or to download as a pdf file.

Greenhouse Britain pamphlet

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